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Come discover the imaginative realms of Devoke computer games and 3d artworks. Join the community and have your say!

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Ever dream of becoming a game developer? Immerse into one of our high-quality free computer sciences and games courses.

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Supporting your community is incredibly important, and needed now more than ever, come and see our local volunteer work and classes.

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Who are Devoke

A little about us and what we stand for

Devoke Studio is a Cumbria based games development studio that began its journey in 2020, intending to create original games with a strong community, supported with educational materials. A place where you can find a path and education in games development, but also have your say and follow the full development cycle of games created before your very eyes through the blog. Our name comes from a tarn that has given much inspiration, not far from the studio. Devoke Water.

My story into development and design sparked in me from a very young age. As a child, I was of poor health. For my safety, I could not spend time playing outside with the other children. Naturally, as all children do, I would seek freedom, adventure, and imagination. I found it within Computer Games. My biggest inspirations for my works today, are my natural environment here in Cumbria, the blue skies, trees, valleys hills of the lake district always find their way into my work.

Once I left school, I found myself trapped in a cycle of working minimum wage jobs from sweeping floors, and washing dishes, to palliative care. With a burning desire for knowledge - but no ladder to climb, I knew if ever I was going to find any sense of security, purpose or success beyond my small industrial hometown. I would have to craft my path. My journey into academia began once I left formal education. It has been a rocky road, but devotion kept my vigor. Every day, every moment I had, be it during my 30-minute lunch break, on the bus to work. I sit with my books in hand and study. Marveling at the achievements of the pioneers of games development and graphical computer science, obsessed with topology, microprocessor, and every piece if discrete logic. Skills I never desired for monetary gain, but rather the purity and love of the craft itself. I created the Rebel Gaming Academy for others just like myself, free of charge as education should be. Should you find yourself in the shoes I once wore. I encourage you to have the same relationship with computer science and games. I am completely self-taught, I may not have a degree to my name, but I have a fountain of knowledge born of passion that I hold to a higher sense of pride than any piece of paper.

Today, I am now a full-stack developer in both game development and web development. Everything you see, I create completely from scratch, mastering industry-leading software and techniques in animation and game art. I am fluent in 7 programming languages teamed with an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, I can learn virtually any programming language within the space of a few weeks, I have a strong sense of pride for how far I have come, but appreciate how hard this journey truly was and want to make that easier for everyone else in any way I can.

Thank you for being a part of my story