Andy Weber Studios

Andy came to Devoke, in need of a new website, from which he could communicate with his students, blog about his travels and works, run live classes, and sell his artwork globally. We decided to create a design that used a color pallet directly taken from his artwork, combined with the idea of an abstract representation the website presented on parchment.

With our colour palet selected, and andys requrements detailed, we began our work to forge this bespoke design.

Andy’s unique style of authentic images for visualization are highly respected not only by the growing number of Western Buddhists but also by Tibetan Lamas of all traditions, many of whom have commissioned his work.

It was very important to Andy that he also have full control and flexibility to add pages and content to his site, so we crafted this site to be easily and fully customisable.

We created a news section, from where Andy could link his facebook posts, as he often communicates with his students and audience though social media of what work is being created.

For the E-commerce section of his works, we created a simple sorting algorithm, combined a second navbar, such that users can easily browse all of his works, add them to a basket, and proceed to their purchases.

Andrew’s work is sold globally, and often as is the case for his prints and postcards, purchased in bulk. For this we created a dedicated plugin, using an algorithm to compute postage prices automatically based on the country, region, size, and weight of each package, based on the current royal male prices, such that his fiances were taken care of and his business could run smoothly carefree.

Update 04/07/2020

A few weeks later, Andy contacted us one more, after he had uploaded some of his own images to the heading banner, with the request of a second navigation bar. Once more taking colours from the pallets of his original paintings, we tailored this new navigation bar exactly to his liking. This was our revision.

Overall we had a great time creating this rather unique and complicated site for Andrew, and wish him the very best of luck.