The Cleaning of Gill Dub

Gill Dub is a small tarn located only five minutes from the town centre of Dalton-In-Furness. A place that should be a lovely quiet space to walk your dog or simply relax by the scenic wildlife. Instead, for a number of years, it has been a location for fly-tipping. I personally find it painful that here, with as little as we actually have as far as a strong economy and outdoor activities go, that areas like this are not cherished. We must work together to love what we have, rather than focus on what we don’t. If we are ever to rise our economy out of the dirt, the philosophy is to show pride and love. When others see this attitude we show to our home, they too will see it as something worth looking after.

Knowing something had to be done, I reached out to members of the Dalton Community Action Group (a local Facebook group I stumbled across while searching for people in my community) and posted these images, pleading that people come and join me in cleaning up this location. I quickly had eight volunteers and after five hours, nearly 40 bin-bags’ worth of litter ranging from cooking utensils, glass, beer cans, and fishing gear were hauled out of the water and the surrounding countryside. In this time, we made short work of the generations of litter in this area.

It was wonderful to see a group of people who had never met before, unified for a single goal, connecting and finding each other and developing fellowship and friendship, tenements that ultimately build community. Eventually, we were in turn published in the local newspaper.

This is only just the beginning, and one small ripple can soon create a wave.