Covered in Style

Introducing covered in style, a company specializing in events with a magical flair teaming homemade furniture, tepees, and pizza!

For this design, we at Devoke wanted to really create that combination of homemade and magic that seemed so characteristic of this business. Using subtle effects of fairy dust written in.JS and HTML5 on the landing pages. The client suggested he was a fan of parallax, and we made sure to include plenty of them, but with an asymmetrical twist then a simple dashed border to give a graceful stitching aesthetic.

It was important to the client that they were able to add there own graphics, and freely create their own content and pages to add into our design. As well as have a navbar that could easily be edited to their needs without the need for code. For this, we fully integrated the website over WordPress, such that they could use tools they had already been familiar with to be able to edit and change the website at their own leisure.

Overall we feel this a truly unique website to a very unique company.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look for yourself: