Emotive Snoot

One of the key pieces of feedback you have given me has been that the snoot looked too angry. So it was high time for a redesign, as I want to give you all the most professional polished product I can muster. And I began to think, what if the snoot was not just angry or happy, but had the ability to display a wide variety of emotions thought the game. Really allowing you as the player to connect with them and their story. Thus my journey began into researching facial expressions and the emotive techniques of animation giants such as Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney. And finally I present to you all, the moods of the snoot! His face is not fully rigged and responsive, even down to constriction and dilatation of his pupils. This is of course a lot of work everyone, so do not forget to like, comment and share!

The snoot over the past week has had many redesigns, as I have now had a good few consecutive sleepless nights. Clocking some 100+ hours spend into working and reworking this model until I felt it was just right. Adjustments to the rotation of his eye sockets were made to make him less creature like and more humanoid in his features, allowing his model respond to the expressions.

Design after design was drafted and scrapped in what felt like a painful process that would be endless until I got it right, but eventually I found the perfect place.

The final step was to spruce his textures a little, and repaint the eye texture, as in game I felt green better contrasted his purple skin. Before then creating his base blend faces, for his emotions and expressions to be crafted.

Now fully rigged, it was time to start animating the snoot once more and knitting everything together in game.