Third and First Person Shooter Mode

The snoot has many methods of control, and attack. And the latest edition to this is his new first person and third person shooter controls. The snoot will find ‘Snoot Fruit’ across his adventure, and the seeds of this fruit serve as ammunition.

The development of the camera of this mode has been combed with a fine toothed brush, it was important to me that the player is able to hug tightly to walls, and sneak around corners, please notice the way the camera collides with the wall, and the snoot is able to strafe left to right, hugging closely to it.

The last and most important feature of the third and first person shooter controls, is that they be easily accessible, extricable from any angle, and the snoot automatically take aim in the direction the camera was already facing, allowing for complete fluidity between all controller modes.

In the long run, should this project be successful, I hope this game to also include a paint balling battle royal mode for online competitive play.

I hope you agree, it certainly has the potential.