Devoke Perspective

Devoke Perspective

Welcome to the Devoke Perspective. Here you will find my podcast series where I discuss concepts surrounding gaming, game design and development. You will not hear me talking about trending games, media or ideas. But rather an open book focus on my personal experiences, ideas and philosophy to game design.

Episode Five – The end of the world as we know it.

In this 25 minute long episode, I question the science-fiction concept of an advanced virtual reality, and the potential future of virtual reality. Where the user is not only graphically integrated, but with sensation too.

How would A future society perhaps look if such an advanced virtual reality was made? What the world would be like if humanity became integrated with virtual reality? And what are the possibilities of us moving in that direction.

I then make the case that we are already moving in this direction, I believe this outcome is more likely than the chances a future with androids, spaceships, and intergalactic federations, and begin to question why the universe is so quite.

Episode Four – Beta Testing, Good Friends and Story Telling.

In this episode, I invite my good friend Patrick onto the Podcast. Here we disuse the concepts of story telling in games, the value of friendship, and laugh over memories of beta testing and notorious bugs discovered in my 3D platforming title, A Snoot’s Adventure.

We go into detail about how the game has change, and early builds, and share ideas and memory from across our journey together. Myself as Developer, and Patrick as Beta tester and Co-Writer of stories, quests and dialogue.

Episode Three – Hoping for Success in Games Development

In this episode I told of the true meaning of success, the importance of community in games development, and the power of innovation the passionate Indie Dav may have over the capital driven formulaic approach of AAA companies and developers, and the human nature to tend towards companionship.

Using the definition of success I build in this video, I hope in following it, I may to find some element of success in life.

Episode Two – Where I find My Motivation

In this heat felt episode, I talk openly about my personal struggles and motivation to become a game developer. If anyone else here is feeling a little unmotivated in their journey, perhaps this video will speak to you.

Episode One – Hoping for Success in Psychology of fun and Learning

Here I introduce the podcast, and question what makes a game channeling and fun. I question the physiology of getting a player to learn game, and why AAA and large markets crush innovation as opposed to the general consensus of markets by not taking risks and how this has effected the industry and culture of gaming.

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