Explaining the Jumping Mechanics

In this video, I am going into great detail about the jumping mechanics of snoot’s adventure, as well as for the first time featuring the music you can expect to hear within this project, before finally showing the speedrunning, capabilities of the game.

The jumps work via applying real forces, meaning their execution can often take skill and need to be well-timed, as the forces of the snoot falling will act against his double jump.

The double jump in this game is called the hurricane jump/spin jump and is executed by quickly rotating the snoot 360 degrees in the air by rotating the joystick.

The second mechanic you will see in this video is the balloon jump I loved the idea of the player being able to control a balloon, so I have attempted to recreate this feeling with the high paced balloon jump, in which the snoot will blow air from his nose to blast him around the map. Teaming this with tight controller responsibility and smooth position translation, it creates this fun, yet very responsive fast platforming.

The last mechanic shown here is the slam jump. The slam jump can both be used as an attack but works perfectly for precision landing if you need to suddenly descend to land. By keeping hold of the jump button, however, the snoot will preform a slam jump, bouncing off the ground and achieved even more height. When used together with the hurricane jump, the snoot can be rocketed into the air.

I have also tried hard to preserve this idea that the game should be accessible to all, so the speedrunning ability of the game can be executed for a perfect score, but is not needed to complete the level, and you can play each area at your own pace. However, being a momentum-based game, it is much like riding a bike. Its easier to stay balanced while moving fast