Jojo Magnifico

At long last, my little universe is coming to life.

I have been working extremely hard to build upon all of the knowledge I have gathered from studying film and animation techniques these past few weeks, and here I have finally put it all into fruition.

Please notice cinematic designs behind the dialog system. The camera remains focused in the center of the two snoots, to convey abstractly an exchange between them. In addition to the blurring of the background, your attention is held to these and what they are doing. To give the full effect of conversation, I have created specific animations that fit whatever is displayed on the text.

This video depicts one of the very first quests the snoot will find himself facing, and further demonstrates the fluidity that I am trying to aim for in creating this. The core of a 3D platformer, is not just the joy of movement, but rather fun with physics. I feel I have developed a robust physics system, and each move flows into the next, allowing the player to combine movement and actions to traverse the levels in their way.

I am trying my best, and I quest to prove what a single developer can achieve with passion as their motivation.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to see more.