Lanterns, Trees and the Snoots

The colorful hub world of my adventure puzzle game, is as cute and homely as can be, with its vibrant pastel colors, block landscapes, and stylized yet detailed designs. This really is shaping up to be a visually stunning game.

For the first time in a good while, I can say I feel proud of myself. It has been a number of years to reach this level, where I can comfortably single-handed create this quality of artwork in a matter of months, alongside accompanying code to make a full experience like this. Many summers sat at my computer desk, questioning if I am wasting my time sitting indoors studying on my own at my computer. Here I see the years of my life in every texture and glamour of the shaders in this world and realise I have not. Every snoot will have their own home, and you may even stumble across a family of snoots living in a single location. The Village hub world is set to have yet more homely charming details but is rapidly developing.

The vast majority of the core physics and interactions have now been programmed, and it will soon be a simple process of fleshing each world out, and experimenting within this framework to create fun and interactive little puzzles.

Burrows is also beginning to feature in this little word, and though originally, he was aimed to merely be a hidden collectible in each world, it seems he and the thus unnamed snoot you will play as have become close friends, and Burrows is looking to have his own featured lead, as a companion who will also be used in puzzle solving. I now imagine him to be found buried and asleep in some levels, where he will be needed to solve puzzles, and upon finding him, he will follow the snoot around but may fall back to sleep at any moment.

Overall I am happy to report this simple game is evolving into a cute, eye candy adventure.