Momentum Control & Boosting

As I have stated before, at the heart of any Platforer, 3D or 2D is the freedom of movement, and expression of momentum, flow between moments and combinations of jumps to create a truly fluid experience. And that has been the core philosophy of the development of the controls of A Snoot’s Adventure.

So to add to this, I have been working on a simple control scheme to allow the player to correct their mistakes if they react fast enough. Lord knows there is nothing more painful then accidentally pressing the wrong button during game play and watching your protagonist jump to their death, powerless to limply watch your hard progress fall away in an instant.

Here you can see me demonstrate this move set. By entering a slam, and then quickly taping the (X), the snoot will boost in the new direction, but also this will cut his current momentum in half, allowing me to correct the fact I over shot these hopscotch platforms.

This can also be used as a little boost to gain an extra couple of feet on a jump, should you think you are not going to make it.

This move-set however can also be used to enter a roll directly from the air.

This helps solidify the idea of fluidity to his move set, as the player has complete control of how they wish to land, in either a traditional slam, or move directly to a roll.

The last dimension of this new move, is the ability to boost while rolling, by holding (X) while rolling. The player can quickly charge a small boost. Here you will see me demonstrate all of these move used seamlessly together.

Please pay close attention to one last detail. Without a boost, the snoot generally remains central to the camera. However during a boost, there is a slight smoothed delay, drawing him away from the center of the camera. For a brief moment, the snoot is no longer central to the screen, giving the impression of sudden impulse velocity. Making the movement really feel like a sudden boost!