Princess Of Galaxia

Princess Of Galaxia

A Fight for the Kingdom

Evonne Livodia, the princess of Livodia, along with her sister Yavonne Livodia, are potential heirs to the throne. They are sisters, who are also competitive rivals in battle, constantly fighting each other in order to enhance their skills and to individually become stronger whilst sharing a unique bond where violence between one another exhibits love. After training, their kingdom is attacked by a powerful enemy named Starchild, who leads an army of warriors, The Galaxians, from an unknown and powerful kingdom. Whilst seemingly seeking world domination, you soon learn that their goal is far more expansive.

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The death of King Livodia results in a conflict for the throne between Evonne and Yavonne. Yavonne eventually wins and becomes Queen Livodia. Evonne is exiled, and vows revenge. The King’s second, Stripes, believes Evonne is the rightful ruler and directs Evonne to recruit the other Kingdoms in the land of Nydia and gain followers. As she gains more notoriety, he gives her the Divine weapon of Livodia, Trinivia. Trinivia is a divine weapon that was created from the spirit of Livodia to protect the kingdom by its saviour. Throughout her journey she recruits Diyvain, prince of Tiyshara; Alanna, princess of Entei, and Sky, princess of Airvene. Each prince and princesses possess their own divine weapon of their Kingdoms that they must obtain. There are many obstacles that they face in the pursuit to form an army against the Galaxians, and it seems initially that Starchild’s power poses their biggest threat

The Devoke Ahrdymond Partnership

When Ahrdymond Games approached us. They were originally looking for someone to solve their technical issues and develop an AI system for the enemies to their title Princess of Galaxia, originally developed in the unreal engine. Impressed by the graphical achievements of the project, and interested in its pan African themes and mythology, Devoke Studio requested that we may try playtest a demo of the project before we further committed to the partnership. Upon playing the game, it soon became clear to us that there were some severe design and technical issues that were deeply rooted in how the project had been created.

Managing Director and founder of Ahrdymond Games Thomas Hardiman expressed to us, that two years of development had been turbulent, as he had struggled to assemble a team of capable of the AAA standard he envisioned for the game.

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Fascinated with the creativity and imagination of Thomas Hardiman, and empathetic to his situation. I gave him a drastic, yet necessary offer. The poor design choices and technical issues were too large to simply fix, and the only hope was to start the project from scratch. The offer was made to rebuild the entire project in the Unity Game Engine from the ground up. Offering our expansive experience in design and game feel, to not only get the project to the same status it had been after 2 years of development only bug-free but also to devise an NPC and Enemy AI system, with new fun parkour and platforming mechanics, swimming, and dialogue. Thomas, apprehensive, but knowing this was his best shot, agreed but expressed the project had to be ready for an up and coming showcasing to appeal for funding in just 5 months.

We agreed and got to work on what many would consider an impossible task. Working closely with Thomas to achieve his vision. I explained my design choices and offered both expertise and guidance to help achieve from my years of tested industry experience to bring this project to the quality of work it deserved to be.

Devising fun new mechanics and how we could bring engaging and intuitive gameplay to this world. Beginning first with a new dynamic camera system, shader set and art style to promote a sense of wonder, and later the addition of parkour inspired agility to the player, to make them feel unhindered and free in this open world. Alongside new asset creations for temples, trees grasses and terrain we also created completely new character animations and blend shape sets for facial animations for the characters.

Five months later, the entire project has been built from the ground up, far superior to the original project.

Having taken this incredible journey, We wish Thomas the very best of luck in his ambition to find funding for this project, and even now, continue to dedicate time to help develop this project as we truly believe in the quality of our work and the vision of Ahrdymond Games.

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