What is A Snoot’s Adventure?

Welcome to “A Snoot’s Adventure,” Get ready for an exhilarating, heartwarming, and downright adorable gaming experience like no other! a game that will sweep you off your feet and into a world of pure magic and excitement.

In this enchanting journey, you’ll step into the furry, floppy shoes of Snoot, a lovable creature from Snootville, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Snoot’s world is teeming with vibrant, open realms, each filled with unique beings and fantastical landscapes that will leave you in awe.

But there’s a twist! A rift has opened between Snoot’s peaceful realm and our universe, thrusting our hero into an intergalactic energy race. With determination and a trunk-load of courage, Snoot must gather Spirit Leaves from the Tree of Life to save the Seven Realms and bring peace back to Snootville. It’s a race against time, and only you can help Snoot succeed! Each act of kindness in these realms earns a Gratitude Heart, and these Hearts will enable Snoot to complete his quest.

As you explore Snootville and the Seven Realms, you’ll encounter a host of charming characters and engage in epic adventures. From coaxing shy snails out of their shells to navigating a steampunk factory filled with cute but enraged mini-bots, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement. And let’s not forget JoJo Magnifico, the Master of Mysticism, whose endless shenanigans will keep you giggling throughout your journey.

“A Snoot’s Adventure” is not just your average 3D platformer; it’s a genre-defining experience. With Snoot’s unique move set, you’ll build, control, and maintain momentum like never before. Whether you’re running, jumping, rolling, boosting, or diving, you’ll feel the rush of epic proportions as you tackle challenges and reach incredible speeds. And don’t worry; the game’s learning curve ensures that everyone, from casual gamers to speed-runners, can join in on the fun.

But that’s not all! This game is a love letter to ’90s collectathons, with over 750 collectibles waiting to be discovered. Unlock elemental power-ups, discover hidden tracks of songs, read in-world short stories, and accumulate a cabinet of trophies from your fallen NPC foes. Plus, you can fully customize your Snoot, from its fur length and style to its facial features, horns, hairstyles, and even its mood. Your Snoot, your rules!

“A Snoot’s Adventure” is designed for a diverse audience. Whether you’re a nostalgic seeker, a speed-running enthusiast, a family gamer, or a couple or friends looking for local co-op fun, there’s something here for everyone. It’s time to rediscover the joy of local co-op gaming in a market that’s been waiting for a gem like this.

Cute, A snoot’s Adventure, 3D Platformer

So, gear up for a heartwarming, adrenaline-pumping adventure in “A Snoot’s Adventure.” This game, inspired by classic ’90s platformers and collectathons, is here to redefine the genre and create a gaming experience like no other. Join Snoot and his friends as they race against time to save their world and create a brighter future. Are you ready to be the hero? Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Where it all began

Initially, the project began as a simple puzzle game, involving a creature named a Snooter, whose mission was to solve puzzles by picking up and lining up domino. After 6 months work, I had a near finished product. A tight controller, an original character design, and sadly – a terribly boring game… Disappointed with my project but unwilling to let it go, I began to make a larger map for the snoot to play around. During the phase of debugging of the map, I was frustrated with the snoots walk speed. So, to speed up the inspection process. I added a small mechanic such that if you pressed a trigger on my joypad while jumping, a force would be added to the snoot propelling him forward.

I had already developed a very robust physics controller, as I had planned to use it for puzzle mechanics, and I wanted to challenge my understanding of the field. But to me, this new force mechanic made the snoot feel as though I was controlling a balloon. I soon realized this simple mechanic intended to debug the game, was more fun than anything I had made in the previous 4 months of work. Thus, the balloon jump was born, and A Snoot’s Adventure morphed from a puzzle game into a full 3D Platformer collectathon.


Get ready for ‘A Snoot’s Adventure’, the cutest and most exciting 3D platformer in the galaxy! Join Snoot in a race against time to gather Spirit Leaves, earn Gratitude Hearts and save the Seven Realms from an intergalactic energy arms race. With unique moves, over 750 collectibles and endless customization options for your Snoot, it’s an epic adventure for players of all ages and skill levels. Get ready to roll, jump and soar your way through this heartwarming journey and become the hero Snootville deserves!

🌍 The Snoot Experience: Step into the shoes (or should we say, paws?) of Snoot, a lovable character on a quest to save the Snoots of Scottville and their seven magical realms. But it’s not just about adventure; it’s about community and unity, a heartwarming philosophy that runs through every inch of this game.

🌟 The Premise: Join Snoot in a fantastic world where rifts between dimensions open unexpectedly, throwing Snoot and friends into an intergalactic energy race. It’s up to you to help Snoot save the day and bring harmony back to the Seven Realms!

🎮 Game Mechanics: “A Snoot’s Adventure” takes 3D platforming to a whole new level with momentum-based gameplay. Speed through levels, perform breathtaking moves, and build your skills as you go. From running and jumping to balloon jumps and hurricane jumps, Snoot’s moveset is as diverse as it is exciting!

🧩 Learning Curve: The game’s design encourages you to find your own path, mastering a variety of platforming tools to overcome unique challenges. Whether you’re a casual player or a speedrunner, there’s something here for everyone.

🌟 Collectibles: Get ready for a nostalgia trip with over 750 collectibles! Unlock elemental powers, discover hidden tracks, read in-game short stories, and even decorate your Snoot’s home. Plus, you can fully customize your Snoot’s appearance, making it your dream avatar.

👾 Target Audience: If you’re a nostalgic gamer, a speedrunner, a family looking for fun, or a couple seeking co-op adventures, this game is tailor-made for you. It’s all about bringing people together for epic gaming sessions!

🌈 Inspiration: “A Snoot’s Adventure” draws inspiration from classic 90s platformers and collectathons, creating a fresh and innovative gaming experience. Fans have called it a unique blend of Mario, Tony Hawk, and Sonic, and we couldn’t agree more!

Development Diary

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QuAqua: Revised – a Free Update and Story Mode!

12th, September, 2023|

We’re thrilled to announce that QuAqua Revised is making a grand entrance on Steam, bringing along an amazing free update and an immersive story mode.

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Snoot’s UI: Officially Underway!

11th, April, 2023|

User interface design or UI design can often remain an under appreciated skill of game design and development. But how the player navigates to the game, though the pause menu, save data and inventory are just as important as the game itself.

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A Snoot Trailer

23rd, August, 2021|

I am proud to announce the very first video trailer for a snoots adventure, and also showcase the snoots elemental powers for the first in action.

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A reflection on the live steam

24th, March, 2021|

Having now watched Tony from Hard4Games play my pre-alpha demo has been a truly wonderful. But clearly I have much work to do. I have realised the potential in these platforming challenges is being dispersed as optional for veterans, not mandatory. Instead, the game will consist of large open sandbox areas.

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A Snoot Demo is Here

5th, February, 2021|

After a lot of work, the first demo of snoot is live, and payable right from your browser! This version of the game can run in most any browser, but it is highly recommended you use google chrome. Naturally in order to have this running smoothly online, the game has been compressed and optimized till […]

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Third and First Person Shooter Mode

8th, January, 2021|

The snoot has many methods of control, and attack. And the latest edition to this is his new first person and third person shooter controls.

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Momentum Control & Boosting

1st, January, 2021|

As I have stated before, at the heart of any Platforer, 3D or 2D is the freedom of movement, and expression of momentum, flow between moments and combinations of jumps to create a truly fluid experience. And that has been the core philosophy of the development of the controls of A Snoot’s Adventure. So to […]

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Jojo Magnifico

29th, November, 2020|

I have been working extremely hard to build upon all of the knowledge I have gathered from studying film and animation techniques these past few weeks, and here I have finally put it all into fruition.

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Emotive Snoot

19th, November, 2020|

One of the key pieces of feedback you have given me has been that the snoot looked too angry. So it was high time for a redesign, as I want to give you all the most professional polished product I can muster. And I began to think, what if the snoot was not just angry […]

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Snootville Circus

13th, November, 2020|

Showcasing the inside of the circus tent, please notice the details and character I have painted into every inch of this map, right down to the posters on the walls. I have been really inspired by armature dramatics groups, and small play showcases with the stage setup here, as I imagine this not to just […]

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Snootville Center

18th, October, 2020|

In these few images, I am showcasing some of the new shops populating the release candidate of Snootville, (formerly snoot village). Snootville will serve as the hub world, and its town center will offer many side quests and rewards for collecting their corresponding items. Here we see the snoot tearoom and café, A place where […]

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Explaining the Jumping Mechanics

8th, October, 2020|

In this video, I am going into great detail about the jumping mechanics of snoot’s adventure, as well as for the first time featuring the music you can expect to hear within this project, before finally showing the speedrunning, capabilities of the game. The jumps work via applying real forces, meaning their execution can often […]

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Cosmic Village

7th, September, 2020|

Revisiting the idea from the beginning of this project I have decided to playtest some new ideas for a more cosmic theme, as this will better explain the strange gravity effects of this game, and the snoot’s floaty jumping. I have finally also added this nice water effect shader, and opted not to add reflections […]

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Allotments of SnootVillage

27th, August, 2020|

To make snoot village feel alive and lived in, I decided to create a series of cute hand painted vegetables that will be found growing in allotments all over the village beside the houses of the snoots

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Speed Painting Textures: Mossy Rocks

23rd, August, 2020|

Here, I present to you one of my hand painted textures for the rock and walls of snoot village.

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Ice Breath

20th, August, 2020|

This mechanic will be used to turn enemies and objects into usable platforms, that will in turn be used to solve a multitude of puzzles throughout the game.  By simply using the snoot’s ice breath you can freeze enemies and then push and pull the ice block.  Pay close attention to how the ice block […]

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Elemental Effects

17th, August, 2020|

The snoot showcasing the elemental breath abilities and their accompanying physics in game. These will in eventually be used to solve puzzles, kill enemies and traverse though the 5 realms of the snoots world. Where would you like to see these abilities implemented? Do you have any ideas of what puzzles they could be used […]

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Creating the Masked Minions

25th, July, 2020|

Here you can watch first hand the full development process of creating the masked minion from just an idea, to a game ready asset, ready to be programmed and animated into my game. The video you see here was sped up 8*, and was completed in a couple of hours. I hope these creatures to […]

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First Loot at Snoot’s Adventure

24th, July, 2020|

The first look at the actual game-play of my latest project! A puzzle adventure Platformer. Everything you see, right down to every texture has been painted from scratch.

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Lanterns, Trees and the Snoots

16th, May, 2020|

The colorful hub world of my adventure puzzle game, is as cute and homely as can be, with its vibrant pastel colors, block landscapes, and stylized yet detailed designs. This really is shaping up to be a visually stunning game.

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Making Mushrooms Home

12th, May, 2020|

After a lot of hard work and dedication over the past few months, the Snooter is finally well on his way to his first adventure puzzle, and I am well on my way to having our first Indie Title released. Here, I am creating the first, of several houses located within a small village that […]

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Shaders All Around!

5th, May, 2020|

tention to physics, artwork, and shaders. I am finally reaching all of the mechanics and art-direction after three months of development, and at last, moving onto designing all the puzzles and fleshing out this creative world with as much charm and flair as possible.

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Introducing Burrows

4th, May, 2020|

Introducing Burrows the Carrobbit, one of the adorable creatures you will discover while playing Domino Effect (Name to be confirmed). There will be one of these cute critters for the Snooter to find burred in each level, and he definitely places himself in some strange places that are a puzzle within themselves. Stay tuned for […]

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Twisted Trees

14th, April, 2020|

Here, I make this simple low polygon painted tree, along side a couple of variations. This simple build demonstrates a tonne of character and quaint, and will be an asset to feature in my future game projects. To craft this topology, I use Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox, before painting it using Adobe Photoshop, and […]

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A Simple Fern

7th, April, 2020|

In this video, you can see me create this very simple, whimsical firn from scratch! Here I go through some classic texturing techniques using Photoshop, and model this simple design in Autodesk Maya. Over all, this design is a very easy build, but echos tonnes of character. Though I aim for this to be in […]

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The Snooter is Coming!

29th, March, 2020|

The first look into our first game currently being developed. Sign up, and you can watch the full development of this project documented and created before your very eyes. There you will see my progress, hear descriptions for my artistic choices, and gain access to insider knowledge of how games are developed, all inside my […]