Snootville Center

In these few images, I am showcasing some of the new shops populating the release candidate of Snootville, (formerly snoot village). Snootville will serve as the hub world, and its town center will offer many side quests and rewards for collecting their corresponding items.

Here we see the snoot tearoom and café, A place where you can meet other snoots, and is the social heart of Snootville.

Next we come to the Hat ‘n’ Make Over shop. Here you can by costumes for you snoot, make up, change their colours and customize your snoot to suit you. The items to do this will be one of a number of collectable items that can be discovered across these worlds, and then purchased from within this shop.

Next we have the DIY store, in here you will be able to exchange blueprints found within the worlds for decorations and furniture for your snoots house. Allowing you to submerse yourself into this world, and make your snoots home truly homely.

In addition to this, what village would be complete without a post office, offering a number of quests to be completed after the main story and quest of the game has been accomplished. Where you will be assigned the job of postie, platforming and delivering post across the worlds.

And lastly, just to show to you all a few more features of the village. Including the markets and fountain.