The Snooter is Coming!

Level One Tower

The first look into our first game currently being developed. Sign up, and you can watch the full development of this project documented and created before your very eyes. There you will see my progress, hear descriptions for my artistic choices, and gain access to insider knowledge of how games are developed, all inside my ‘Dev Diaries’ page.

The aim of this game is very simple, but I will not be making everything too obvious at this early point in the project. But it aims to be a physics puzzle game, teaming with creative fantasy visuals and detailed artworks.


The creature of purple you see before you is named the Snooter. It is your goal to control the Snooter to find all the cookies within each of the realms.

The puzzles will be trying, but overall, expect a cute, relaxing experience while playing this original title, or watching its development cycle.

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~Tyrone Anderson