Alan Myerscough Camper Van Hire

Alan Myerscough approached Devoke with the request for a new website for their new camper van higher service, they wanted something that would channel the user to the booking page, and really had the sense of adventure. The vans themselves being an orange ford vehicle, we deiced to chose a color pallet of orange gradients to give a slight metallic shine, and dark navy blues.

The website was designed with two parallaxes, the first one featuring two people sat by the van at night as though they had just arrived at their destination.

Before finding the second later on, this time in the morning. I felt this gave the impression of progress though the website, and subtly helps the potential customer imagine their adventure in the van.

The site not only needed to function as a bespoke visual advertisement that was easy to navigate, but also as a complete eCommerce website that sleeping bags, and camping equipment could be sold from, along side a specialized booking system where payments could be directly processed over the website.

It was requested that booking only be allowed to begin or end on either a Friday, or Monday, as such this was the booking system I devised. Here the customer can select their starting date, then the return date shortly after.

Overall this has been a great experience, and I would love to work with Alan Myercough again, and I wish them the very best of luck in their new adventure!

Take a look for yourself!