Snoot’s UI: Officially Underway!

User Interface Design (UI Design) is an underappreciated element of the process of game development. Whilst a carefully crafted UI is likely to go unnoticed a poorly made one can stand out and undermine an otherwise strong game. This is why it is vital to remember that the player’s ability to smoothly navigate through the game via the pause menu, save data and inventory is one of many core aspects that are fundamental to the creation of a high quality game.

For this design I wanted to create a menu with a modern, fresh and yet familiar feel for players. I am inspired by classic RPGs such as the Baldur’s Gate and iconic 3D Platformers Donkey Kong 64. It’s long been my dream to innovate the 3D Platformer genre by actively working to avoiding clichés and create a truly original experience never before seen in the genre. The UI is no exception to this rule!

I have always found that darker colours are ideal for UI design; such a palette is preferable visually to bright white or neon shades and can ultimately create a sleek and modern aesthetic. At the same time it was important to me for the design to encapsulate both the fantasy/RPG elements of A Snoot’s Adventure and for it to reference the comic book/cartoon aesthetic inspirations behind it (particularly the stylistic approach of developers such as Nintendo and Rare Ware).

All of this helped me to reach this stage; now every player of A Snoot’s Adventure can enjoy the minimalist dark blues of the colour palette, carefully chosen to reflect the charm and character of the overall Snootiverse. (3D Platformer veterans may notice that the Snoot sitting in his chair at home is a direct homage to the Banjo- Kazooie franchise!)

The spiral life bar will continue to grow lives though out the game as the player collects gratitude hearts. The dynamic in-game UI will feature elements fading in and out continually (unlike the static screenshot displayed above).

The pause menu required much more detail: as well as standard features such as the ability to pause, resume, restart a level or or quit, the menu also allows the player to access their inventory, check the status of their lives, hearts and more. At the bottom right of the menu we have spheres representing the power levels of Snoot’s 3 elemental powers (ice, storm and fire). The menu also provides options for the players to open the Move Guide list and tutorials.

Further details about all of this and more will be revealed soon… Please watch this space!

Thank you for supporting myself, Devoke Studio and of course the fluffiest of video game characters, our friend Snoot.