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Why do I need a website?

A good website can be the welcoming face which assists in channelling people into your business. It is the open-door, which is running all hours of the day, every day of the year. Even when you are not at work, your website is. Your customers can get to know you and your products through the website at their convenience. It can be more effective than handing out business card to thousands of people which then get lost in a pocket or wallet. What is more, the warm invitation that is a fantastic website, will extend to people all across the world effectively communicating who you are and what your business stands for.

In the website designed for Devoke Studio, I wanted to create an aesthetic of alien technology, to both express an interest in a computer technology, web design, and futuristic gaming. Ensuring this was finalised with a look that was truly unique, modern and memorable, showing how with our skillset, any inspiration is possible. It is the talent of the developer to recognize your personality and embody the essence of a business into the design of a website. This is one of the principle philosophies of Devoke Studio.

A website can also be your entire business store-front, selling directly to your customers through and an E-Commerce website can dramatically reduce expenses and overheads, whiles remaining available to customers at times. In this current day and age, where everything is accessed at our fingertips through mobile phones, electronic devices and computers, you need a dynamic website that will run on all platforms. Afterall, in this technologically driven world, without a website, your business cannot thrive.

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Package Details

Static Package

The static package is suitable for you if you need a port-of-call for clients to go for information. Suitable for local businesses who need to provide general, but vital information on services, opening hours, and contact information. This package will include a static HTML website designed by Devoke Studio, with a base size of four pages (if this is not enough, we can add more). This option provides a domain name for your business for a year and allows you to assist on the creative design, whilst leaving the hard and technical work to someone else!

Dynamic Packages

Our Dynamic Package come with a content management system. This is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content without the use of a developer or code. The Dynamic Package is perfect for anyone looking for a website with blogging capacity, regular changing news, or deals. With this package you will enjoy the freedom of adding additional pages, and change any content at your leisure, which will all neatly work within the custom design framework we will build for you. We will build your website, and when you are happy with our design, we will integrate our custom code into a WordPress backend for you to then resume control. This ensures that you can use the programme to easily edit and add additional content within the website, without needing to know any of the complex workings. This is perfect for the business owner who regularly needs to communicate with their customers, blog, or post dynamic content that changes regularly. With the ability to gain full access to your website content edit, change, or add new website pages and content, this package will give you complete and easy control.

E-commerce Packages

The e-Commerce package we offer at Devoke Studios is the highest level of support and creation, and we will endeavour to prioritise your website developments to get your dreams established within a fair timeframe. The e-Commerce package is suitable if you feel your business is ready to go to the next level, with a Devoke Studio website, we can help you get your name on the map. E-Commerce, also known as e-Business, or electronic business, is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium, like the Internet. It also involves electronically transferring data and funds between two or more parties. Simply put, it is online shopping as we commonly know it. It has become so convenient and easy, that anyone can shop for anything right from their living room with just a few clicks. This has evolved more with the emergence of smartphones where now you can shop from anywhere and anytime! An E-commerce website in this day and age effectively stands as not only the shop floor, but the majority of the working mechanisms of your business helping you keep track of your stock, income and making the sales on your behalf working diligently all hours of the day without the need of staff or manpower. “In 2020, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales worldwide.” (Oberlo, 2020). Our e-commerce websites are fully integrated into WordPress, where you will have full control of what is sold with our simple yet professional CMS. Unlike hosted e- Commerce solutions such as Shopify, which grants you to access to your eCommerce store to a certain extent, your Devoke Website will be entirely customisable and tailored exactly to your specifications to ensure you will have full control of your store. More importantly you can rest assured, we will remain there to support you any time with any complications and teach you how to add products and more to your site.

Meet the Team

Tyrone Anderson

I approach computer science as both a hobbyist and a professional, enabling me to be a unique programmer. Computer games and programming are my passions, and as Aristotle said: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I am an entirely self-taught full-stack website, software and video game developer with over six years of experience working professionally. During this time, I have grown to become highly proficient in C#, C, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, SCSS and CSS. I am also experienced in programming close to the wire with assembly language, as well as hexadecimal editing and reverse engineering. I pride myself in working within a variety of developer industries and have also spent time as a private tutor, supplementing this with creating tutorial videos for people learning to program. I am passionate about retro-gaming, which has encouraged me to strive to create games of my own by starting a games development studio based in Cumbria.

Matthew James Husband

I have twelve years of experience in understanding web development in the following languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and more recently Bootstrap I also have a keen understanding of CMS (Content Management Software) such as WordPress, Joomla as well as writing my own. I have been a part of many projects in building websites previously and after meeting Tyrone we both had a mutual understanding of ideas we wanted to bring together for our customers. I have a passion for technology and learning how things work and function and this is no different for developing websites, I enjoy the creativity and complexity involved developing a beautiful user interface along with developing the tools needed to run a successful business. My spare time involves gaming - and in recent years I have begun to educate my self in games development and learning the necessary applications and languages required for me to do this.

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