QuaQua First Look!

Devoke Studio stands strong in the belief there is a Duck Deficiency in the gaming world. In our attempt to remedy this problem, we have created QuaQua (Aqua with Quack). QuaQua is the adorable addictive duck puzzle game.

In this tetris-like, tile-matching game, you take control of one of these cute little ducks to use the blocks to build damns to contain as much water as possible.Its a simple concept, easy to learn but hard to master, offering a calming, therapeutic, and yet challenging experience, perfect for that unwind gaming time, in these beautiful environments.

One of the key focuses of qua qua, has actually been to calm though with anxiety, combined with its beautiful settings and ambient upbeat music, qua-qua aims to hold your focus, but at the same time be a calming stress relieving experience. Development began after I wanted a better fluid simulation for my other title, A Snoot’s Adventure, and to this date has been in development for around a month. Fluid simulation being one of the harder subjects of games development, but I believe I came up with an elegant yet effective solution here.

It is an adorable, addictive little game, with many worlds and consumes to unlock, and will be sure fire winner for anyone who loves the Tetris-like or puzzle genres of games.

There are many items across the game-play of QuaQua, some specialized for competitive multiplayer.

  1. the Smoke Bomb to obscure the other players map.
  2. The Gasser is bound to leave them chocking.
  3. Call and Air Strick to drop bombs on the other players map.
  4. Use the Slicker to oil up the other player, leaving them sliding all over.
  5. Control bombs as they fall onto your map to pen new channels, but make sure they do not blow up your surrounding walls.
  6. Use the other 6 blocks to construct your damn and lose as little waster as possible.